From Portland to Austin, SoMa to SoHo, LA Live to the San Diego Gas Lamp District, a movement back to the urban core is revolutionizing the way people live, work, and play. The center of urbanization in Orange County lies in its only 20-hour, transit oriented, culturally rich and diverse city—Santa Ana. For developers, investors, employees, entrepreneurs, real estate brokers, and residents, Santa Ana represents the backdrop of creative innovation. From its thriving arts and culture, eclectic culinary scene, cutting edge retailtainment, modern transportation environment, forward thinking educational pathway to success and a sustainable economic development plan, Santa Ana epitomizes the very best of new urbanisim. The GROW conference is a standing room only annual gathering of senior level executives, city stakeholders and senior level city officials and a not to be missed culinary
experience after party in the electric East End of the downtown.